Flower Updates

Some of you may remember back in March I mentioned this pack of wild flower meadow seeds I was going to try out in a thin border………….Well its doing great now….











I can see poppies and thistles and daisies and all sorts of lovely wild goodies just about to bloom. Its really filled the border nicely and I hope it will fill the garden with insects and butterflies when in full flower.

I have no idea what this flower is but its totally gorgeous and loves this spot in the shade against the fence.

I have been really impressed with it and will definitely be buying the same again next year to fill this shady dry border.

However, I may just add a few Himalayan Poppies for some more height up the fence, and a couple of ferns in the very far corner to bulk that area up a bit.





As for what else is happening in the garden, my very Lovely Mum in Law to be gave me some succulents the other day which I have potted up and surrounded with slate shards, they are kept in the greenhouse for the moment so they don’t get waterlogged.

And after a wander around the garden I found some plants coming up from last year, which were already in place when we got the house, looking rather lovely.

I find it so interesting watching things grow, and seeing how they will spread and fill out their allotted spaces. I just need some sun so I can photograph it all properly 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Awwww I really appreciate all that you have done to the garden, it looks fabulous 🙂

    Your green fingers can now match your green bottom 😉



  2. I love watching stuff grow!! Nice job.


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