Summer catch up

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while, been busy busy busy! Thought I would share some pics of how my ‘summer garden’ is looking now. I apologise for the weeds its been very windy and wet of late and getting into the garden to dead head and weed has been a bit difficult 🙂

As you can see my pots and hanging baskets are all in flower and seem to be doing well despite being flattened several times due to wind and rain. The small border I have planted up with the rose bushes is happily flowering and the fuchsia plants I got as plugs are getting bigger by the day!

The sweet peas I grew from seed are travelling speedily up their obelisk  and my 12 strawberry plants – which aren’t supposed to fruit first year, are full of flowers. I have lettuce and radishes coming out of my ears, and carrots on the way. The tomatoes are flowering and thriving in their pots, that just leaves the cucumbers 😦 these I am afraid have died, all 3 of them.  I think they got too damp. The sweet peppers are doing grand though so all is not lost. I know its too late but I have thrown some cucumber seeds in to see if anything comes of them in time for summer salads.

I am happy with the amount of colour in the garden at the moment, If we remind ourselves what it looked like last year……

……….its come a long way 🙂

My plan now is to concentrate on getting perennials in there and hardy ones at that. I have a few, but when the pots are released from their summer duties I intend to fill them with plants that will come back each year and try to get the garden blooming all year round.

I will soon place my order for winter pansies to fill the front garden with colour over winter, and will maybe attempt some winter hanging baskets……… we shall see 🙂




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