Planting out – Finally!

Yay, the sun came out, and I got planting This is what I got up to …………

Tomatoes and cucumbers are doing well. I planted out some planters with various flowers grown from seed and plugs.











I got the small red ceramic planter from Knebworth House Garden show, and the 3 tier planter from Thompson and Morgan with Tesco vouchers 🙂

I planted up some fence pots which came with the house, with a trailing Lobelia and a bushy one, hopefully they will spill over and add some colour to the fence.





I also planted out the thin border around the roses with bright Marigolds to add some colour that side. The sun hits the fence most of the day so it sets off the orange and yellows perfectly





4 big pots with various summer bedding and some Buddleia plants. Above them along the fence are 4 hanging baskets with more trailing Lobelias and annuals. I will take better photos once its stopped raining!




This is what the back of the house looked like when I had finished. I still have some trays of bedding to plant out, but you can see how the strawberries and salad are doing well. The radish are nearly ready to pick and my sweet peas are really climbing now. I can’t wait for the summer sun to warm the buds and encourage everything to flower 🙂 More photos to come.


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  1. Looks great! I love the ceramic hanging pots! Well done!!


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