I have always wanted one and now I have one thanks to my Timmy.

Bernard is a 4 year old Elm bonsai tree and this, so far, is what I know about him:

I know he will be hard to look after- feed him once a month, water him every couple of days making sure the roots don’t dry out, but not over watering him, and allowing the water to drain freely. I know I have to trim him and make sure he doesn’t become pot bound after a year or so.I have to spray his leaves occasionally with a fine water spray, make sure I keep him in some light, but not full sunshine, and not near a heat source………. anything else I need to know?

Here he is…….

And  in  situ…….with smurfs…….

Here is hoping I don’t kill him off too soon.

P.S sorry about the bad camera phone pics, I have no excuses. There will be better photos to come soon 🙂


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