Planting up miniplants

What a lovely sunny weekend it was! I took advantage of the sunshine and got into the garden, there was a lot to do. Tim offered to do the worst job, digging over a very hard weedy border for me, to prepare it for pots – this is the border I mentioned which is so full of tree roots nothing will grow there apart from bulbs, so I am planting up pots to fill the space. I took some sheers to the lawn edges and placed a slate shingle path for the space in front of the gate, which will get walked on a lot. Makes it look nicer than a weedy/grassy /muddy mess.

My bulk orders of plugs and veg have started arriving. I planted up 2 pots of tumbling tomatoes and 160 bedding annuals!

As you can see I now have a full greenhouse. In here we have, petunias, trailing lobelia, begonias and busy lizzies, mainly.  These will fill up my pots along with the gazanias and snap dragons and various plants grown from seed.








Also in the post this weekend were 20 packets of seed from the Mirror newspaper deal from a few months back. Its now too late for me to use them, but it will be a great start to next year.

click photo to enlarge

All I am waiting to arrive now are sweet peppers, strawberries and cucumbers. I cant wait for them all to arrive so I can have my full flock of babies to rear for the summer 🙂


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  1. Posted by Dy Swindlehurst on May 14, 2012 at 9:21 am

    You’re doing great things and clearly were born to be a gardener! Glad we have some better weather for a ll the babies to enjoy and hopefully grow big and strong. My daughter, a first-time garden in her 2nd summer, has grown so many seedlings she’s now having to give loads away as she’s run out of space. I’m going to visit in 2 weeks time and am going to suggest she digs up part of the lawn!


    • i have run out of space too and am giving some away at work haha, i didnt think i would have this good degree of sucess being my first time, but all is going well! Yay to digging up lawn and creating more flower space 🙂


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