Spring Maintenance

Not a lot of new additions to the garden yet, I’m just keeping the weeds down and nurturing seedlings and young plants ready for action in a few weeks time, when hopefully the frost risk will have gone. Things are progressing slowly as you can see below…..

The Sweat Peas are in the greenhouse now, trying to get them less ‘leggy’ and more bushy, I have been pinching out small growth and apart from the one in the middle, which refuses to stand up, they are coming along nicely.

You can also see cups of small Aster seedlings which still have their baby seedling leaves on, soon be ready to pot them on.

Various young plug plants are bushing up and getting bigger now all lovely and green and lush. These are being brought out during the day and tucked up at night, all these Spring showers are helping them along. Will plant these on into 9/10cm pots in a week or two.



The lettuce and Radish seeds are just coming up, I planted some more today to keep a good continuous crop going on as long as I can!

I still have a lot of tulips and daffs coming up, I planted some late flowering types in Winter to try and bridge the gap between Spring and Summer bulbs. These look promising, a gorgeous colour so far!

And there is still a lot of colour going on with current Spring blooms. Forget me Nots and Bright Red tulips to name a few.

Its all very exciting. Soon to arrive will be cucumbers, tomatoes, sweet peppers and more Summer bedding, I am wondering where I will put them all! 🙂

P.S I forgot to mention I found the snail that had been munching my marigolds, he got a flying lesson right into a tree outside our garden and hopefully will become birdie food 😉


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