Sweet Peas and a question or 2……

As I blogged previously my indoor sown sweet peas are getting  quite big now.

I am very impressed with the strength in these little stems already, they will really make a super big display in my pot.

I was wondering though, how big do I let them get before I pop them into the outdoor greenhouse to grow on? I don’t want to kill them off.

As for weekend work, I have yet more seeds to plant up, all flowers this time. And I will dead head the daffodils and tulips and leave the stems up for a few more weeks. I have some lovely ‘late’ blooming tulips coming up in a deep red. I hope there will be some sunshine this weekend in order for me to photograph them!

Another question, if anyone can help, what’s the best way to store spring bulbs after they have finished? I have some in pots which I need to take out but not too sure how to store them properly?

Thanks in advance for helping out a newbie 🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. I would say to transplant your seedlings after their first two sets of true leaves.


  2. Wow those are looking mighty fine 🙂 yup I’d agree with second set if true leaves.

    Seriously those are fab, happy pottering.


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