The front garden – advice needed

I have talked a lot about the back garden and my plans for it, but we do also have a front space with pots that I need to think about keeping filled.

As you can see, at the moment I have them all filled with pansies, these are the winter pansies which are still going.  When summer comes I am hoping to have a lot of spare bedding, enough to fill up the 3 troughs, the window box and to go around the standard bush in the centre pot.

I have a question fellow garden bloggers, should the brown bush in the centre pot be brown? It was a lush bright green when I planted it before Christmas. I thought it was a hardy evergreen, but I must have been mistaken. It gets enough water and as you can see the pansies are thriving in the same pot. Is it dead? will it ever be green again? Did the frost get it? Anyone got any ideas? Help please.


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  1. Posted by MARTIN GABRIEL on April 10, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    It looks pretty dead to me. Leaves on plants will usually turn brown and fall off but only a few at any time. If it’s all brown, it’s not a good sign although you should wait a while just in case. There should be some green shoots by now if it’s going to revive itself for the new season. You might like to plant up the pots and tubs with a selection of herbs which look good, can be eaten and can also be fondled to release their wonderful aromatic oils. Nothing better than fresh mint tea or thyme and rosemary fresh from the plant. I always wondered why after a stressful day I would come home and almost always go to the fridge and sniff the jar of pesto but it turns out that basil is well known as a relaxant and the beautiful smell calms you down straightaway. But better than the pesto jar is running your hands up and down the plant.


    • Thats what i had feared, no green shoots yet. I’ll leave it a few more weeks but i fear its well gone 😦

      Herbs are a good idea, I hadn’t considered that. I may well do that. I may also transplant a lavender out to the front as well, that will be nice when the postie brushes past it.

      Thanks martin!


  2. Posted by mouse on April 10, 2012 at 3:53 pm

    It might be dead but the colour contrast looks really nice! It’s nice to have the space at the front, looking forward to seeing what you do next…


  3. Posted by MARTIN GABRIEL on April 11, 2012 at 9:56 am

    Salad vegetables are also really easy to grow in tubs and you can a variety of leaves all year round by sowing at intervals. Many of them can regrow so you just harvest what you need when you need.

    I can send you some scented geranium cuttings. I have “turkish delight” which is what our postie sets off as he can’ get to the door without brushing paste it or “orange”.


    • I have some salad growing in wicker growers, im trying the interval method, hopefully i can keep it up!

      I have never grown on any cuttings, im not sure i have the skill yet, i was going to attempt some lavender cuttings soon. Geraniums are delightful.


  4. this is very nice !!!


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