Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are one of my favourite, they are so pretty and the scented ones on a warm summers days are just divine! While reading this weeks Amateur Gardening magazine I saw an advert for a new dwarf variety, for pots.

How totally lovely do these look! I shall be ordering some from here closer to summer.

I would love to have about 4 big pots with these in, around the patio, so you get the lovely scent when sitting outside. I’ll probably splash out on 48 large plugs and get some lovely ceramic pots to show them off to the max. I may still have to throw a few short uprights in there to help them stand up, not sure how strong the stems will be. I just love the bushyness of them, I hope I can get mine to look as nice!

Even the thought of these and how they will look in our garden is making me smile 🙂


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