March Progress

Nearly all the daffs are out now. We have some hyacinths and tulips almost ready to bloom too. There are also a few additions to the garden structure after this weekend. I wanted to have a nice natural edging to what will be the wild flower border, so while at  my Mum in laws (to be) this weekend I raided her wood pile and found some nice thick branches to edge the border with and a couple of lovely mossy logs to make a habitat for insects and for birds to sit on (top left of photo). I will probably add a few more eventually.

click photo for a bigger view

I’m hoping this will all look very lovely and wild and natural come summer, I was also thinking of some upright branches too, coming up through the flowers, again for birds and butterflies. As always I have a hidden agenda for all these ideas, I wanted to make a garden that would be good for photography, so getting a photo of a bird on a sunflower in amongst wild flowers, or on a mossy log eating bugs, would be ideal.

I have some new ideas, slightly more structural, that I want to think more about. By the back gate – top right – there is a bit of balding grass which gets stepped on all the time, id like to put a slab there, and the small patch of soil to the right of that I want to make into a small rockery so the gravel can spread around the slab in front of the gate. I want some height in that corner so maybe stack 3 or 4 big rocks in there, heading up, and pop some rockery plants into soil around them and on them.

But that is just one of many ideas I have that come and go about this garden, I wonder myself what I’ll really end up doing 🙂

Also I’d just like to say thank you Tim for mowing the lawn, and sorry I didn’t notice straight away  ♥

What to do in your garden this week – Gardeners World Link


6 responses to this post.

  1. Have you cut a hole in the bottom of a fence panel to allow Hedgehogs to come and go from your garden? They need a large area and enclosed gardens have reduced their territories drastically.


  2. If it were our garden i would have done that and installed a wee hedgey home already, as i love hedgehogs, but not sure the landolord wants us to cut a hole in his fence, unfortunately.


  3. im going to look into seeing if we can do something, hedgehogs are important.


  4. Love your use of natural materials! I think with the poor economy, a lot of people (including me) are getting creative with their yards and gardens. It’s probably better for the earth in the long run 🙂

    Lovely blog – I look forward to reading more…


  5. Glad to have been able to assist with the lawn mowing 😉 xxxxxxxxxx


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