Day 1

Yesterday we had a lovely trip to  the garden centre, i have a garden centre club card so had some vouchers to spend and Tim (my fiancée, if i haven’t already mentioned) offered to buy me the green house. What bargains we found! 3 for 2 on propagation kits and bogof’s on seedling pots and compost – members only :-). I did learn a very important lesson though, seeds are expensive, and when i got to the till the lady told me that if i had bought them off season my seeds would have been 10p each, rather than the £3.99 average price i was paying, noted and will do that next year!

So i excitedly ran around the garden centre collecting seeds and pots and compost. Then rushed home to set it all up. After a few hours this was the result……

ImageI’m happy with the location of the greenhouse, it’s by the house tucked in a corner so fairly protected and i can tie it to the shed if it gets windy 🙂


I have 2 of these trays filled up now with cucumber, tomato lettuce and strawberries. I hope the weather wont freeze again but i can bring them indoors if it does.

I will have to get seeds little and often i think. Next payday I’m going to get flower seeds that will bring colour in the summer. And I’m always on the look out for free seeds with newspapers and magazines too, I’m currently collecting daily mirror tokens for free seeds – i don’t read the paper but after doing some sums its a deal which will save me about 30 quid, so i feel worth it! I was very nearly taken in by the beautiful displays of colourful in bloom flowers in the garden centre, but i knew if i have some patience i can get my own from seed in due course.

Below is what the garden looked like yesterday, i have a grand plan which i will share in due course. Lets take this one step at a time 🙂


The bulbs in the top border were already in situ as were the lavender, roses and pear tree. The only addition i have made so far are the pots of bulbs on the patio. As it’s a rented house/garden i can’t go digging up grass etc so i can only fill in what i have. But its a really nice space and with fences for hanging baskets and a nice patio for lots of colourful pots it suits us perfectly.

Today I’m just disappointed that i cant get in the garden and start the borders due to heavy rain all day so far!

Roll on next weekend and sunshine i say 🙂


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  1. You can put a few bricks or heavy stones on the bottom shelf of the greenhouse, Amy, to prevent it blowing away. The trays of seeds can be placed on top of these, so you don’t lose any space. Mine has been up all winter with tender plants in it, and we’ve had gales and it’s still there. (I was lucky enough to have bought all my seeds out of season, they last for years and I saved myself a small fortune.)


  2. Can’t wait to see how this all turns out!!


  3. Posted by delona on March 6, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Good luck with your garden and your blog. Both will get easier as you go along.


  4. Amy, where are you located (country)? How long is your growing season? A small green house seems like a good idea to me. I have an south/south east facing backyard which might work as it usually gets about 6 to 10 hours of sun depending on season.


  5. hi William, i am in England, wow how lovely to have such long periods of sunshine, if we are lucky we get about the same but sometimes we will get none! This is my first season with a garden so not sure how long it will last 🙂 Im considering getting a second greenhouse now as im planning on growing everything from seed to save on money.


  6. Haha, I can’t resist spending money at garden centres either, it’s just way too tempting. Also like other people have said before, if you put heavy rocks on the bottom shelf of your green house it should be totally fine, though tying it would free up that bottom shelf!


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