So i have got the magazines and have started organizing myself

Ive got lists of things i need and a wish list, for when i win the lottery. Ive found this stage both fun and stressful. Im winging it basically, i roughly know what im doing and with the help of the mags i can get my timings and dates right to sow and plant, but with the sheer amount of plants, plugs, seeds both flower and veg, available its a bit over whelming.

Im expecting losses and deaths this season, im not sure my greenhouse (plastic sheeted standing one) will be warm enough, i believe seeds need to be warm right? Ive been offered a propagator which is fab but again i will be guessing as to how long seeds stay in there etc

I know i will be sad if i try to grow something and it dies before i can plant it out, and even sadder if it dies once planted out. But with the help and advice of mums and friends i can make this work!

So today we are off to the garden centre. I want to buy seeds and compost and various fertilizers and seedling pots. And of course im a sucker for a pretty flower so if something is in flower i may have to buy that too.


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  1. Dont’ stress mate. Whatever happens happens and it’s all part of the learning process. My Aunt had a greenhouse type structure in her garden, before it got damaged in a bad storm, and it was a frame with a plastic sheeting type of bodywork for the ‘walls’ and it was always hot in it. The ‘walls’ were always steamed up, even on the coldest of days, and there was always moisture – lots of it at times – in it too. The things she had in there, all green and leafy, always looked healthy.


  2. Posted by Debi on March 3, 2012 at 2:12 pm

    THe greenhouse will surprise you as to what can grow in it. Just secure it well to the ground and keep as sheltered as possible, you will be fine 🙂


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