The Beginning

Hello and good morning. I’m writing a blog, here it is.  I thought i should explain why i’m entering the world of blogs for the first time…..

After having finally got a place of our own, the husband-to-be and myself have got a garden! Its not very big but its the right size for us, seeing as i haven’t measured it, or taken any pictures yet i shall use ‘shed’ size to explain, everyone know what a standard sized shed is like right? So our garden is about 3 sheds wide and 4 sheds long. Its mainly grass with 2 large borders down 2 sides and 1 thin border down the 3rd side. The side against the house has a rather nice patio cobbled area and a raised step. Photos to come.

I grew up with this garden


My mum has always been a keen gardener and as well as stunning flowers and design she has a wonderful and very fruitful veg plot.


Her Brother, my late Uncle, was a landscape gardener so i feel gardening is in the blood. Mums garden has developed over many many years, so i don’t expect anything near this level of loveliness. We have a rented house so with our garden i don’t want to plant a lot of big expensively beautiful plants into the ground. My plan is for pots, lots and lots of pots, big and bold and colourful displays. In the ground will go seeds, for annual flowering.

The garden for us is not just about flowers, we are keen wildlife lovers (and photographers) and want our garden to be wildlife and nature friendly. With wild flowers to attract the butterflies, bees, hoverflys and insects, with sunflowers to attract the birds in. We already have a lot of bird life in our garden, thanks to our bird table and bath set up. And hope to keep them coming with inviting foliage to nestle and land in.

Our goal then is to create a space for the birds to have their tea, insects and flutterbys to enjoy lounging in and for Tim and myself to sit in and enjoy with a glass of cider while munching on some fresh strawberries grown from seed 🙂

So here i go………….


4 responses to this post.

  1. Wow, the gardens you grew up with are just gorgeous! Best of luck in creating your own!


  2. Stunning. The garden, the photos, they’re to-die-for. I’m looking forward to seeing the transformation of your new garden. Consider me hooked.


  3. Way to go Amy! I am looking forward to seeing your progress. 🙂


  4. Glad you started a blog! Your mother’s garden is gorgeous and I am sure your miniature version will be wonderful as well. Maybe ask her for a few plants or clippings that will grow well together in a small space. Looking forward to seeing more pictures!


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